In the forest, you need to be on the lookout for oaks trees tat are generating acorns. I would like to see if anyone's interested in joining me and my boy on Saturday 10/29/16. Thanks for sharing this article.Rifles Guns in Australia. I'm heading up this weekend for a 3 day hunt/camp. 30.5681733177852-95.3750610351562 10 satellite. Manage My Subscriptions, archive  Current mailing address on account required to receive permit. Be more towards cleveland/shepherd area. I'm a newbie to hunting WMAs but plan on giving some of them a try this year. With few exceptions, hunters and those accompanying them in the field must wear hunter orange while hunting on the area. Make sure you carry a GPS device if you are unfimiliar with the section you decide to hunt. You have to get back in there and scout,scout,scout. Deer Scent Reviews. I have been blessed with hogs but haven't taken a deer there but could have , still waiting for the big guy, Hunting is the practice of killing or trapping any animal, or pursuing it with the intent of doing so. Sam Houston National Forest, New Waverly: Hours, Address, Sam Houston National Forest Reviews: 4/5 During the rut (which is nearly over) the bucks and does will communicate with each other via the ground scrape. Moving VERY slowing we are going to patrol the perimeters of the thickets hoping to spot a deer standing up to stretch and move around a bit. For your safety, make sure you obey this important safety-related regulation and wear your hunters orange. I just moved to TX (league City area) 2 years ago due to military duty and I the only time I see the forest is when I'm hunting. We had 3 inches of rain in the eastern SHNF during August and they were rooting up large areas in the doubt they are there in large numbers. I wish I could tell you more, but that is all the facts I am aware of. SAM HOUSTON NATIONAL FOREST WMA. This special designation provides benefits to those who use the Sam Houston National Forest, including hunters, and to the wildlife that live or forage there. I also might be able to arrange a hunt near Crockett. Management plans outline direction for a forest under the multiple-use concept. Any other roads anyone knows of that are open. Please correct if I'm wrong. I've even started coon hunting at night, and I've had luck with 3 coyotes using my ar with green lights for coons and red for the coyotes. Are there specific food sources within a half mile of a road that would be a good spot? anyone responds i'll post up info. I've been wanting to try the … If you have Facebook, go join a page called "Sam Houston National Forest Hunters". Other game species found at the Sam Houston WMA include wild hogs, turkey, ducks, dove, rabbit and squirrel. Hunting - The entire Sam Houston National Forest is designated as a wildlife management area through a cooperative agreement between Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the U.S. Forest Service. Im a beginner. E-Newsletter Archive. I need to head out and scout a spot or 2 (as a bow hunter I realize the season is on). The forest contains 163, 037 acres between Huntsville, Conroe, Cleveland and Richards, Texas. hours at any time when firearm hunting for any species is authorized on the unit Most informative. Tommy - Thank you for your post. It is contained within Montgomery County, San Jacinto County, and Walker County. I'm not going to ambush your spot, and I hate asking for handouts, but I havent seen any deer in 2 years and I need Help! LAW ENFORCEMENT - You will very likely encounter a TPWD Game Warden or US Forest Service Agent if you hunt the SHNF. They are some of the finest and hardest working public servants in the State of Texas. Get down in the thickets! ANTI-HUNTING ACTIVISTS - There are people who disagree with hunting and have been known to harass hunters in the field. 4 - Review and know the hunting schedules for your county and game. I saw tons of hog tracks but no hogs and went deep into the forest, found a lot of creeks and hunted them for a couple of hours but nothing, I think I'm going to start looking for a lease for next season...but good luck to anyone thinking of hunting the forest. We were hunting wild hogs like the one you picture. Main Menu. I'll keep you guys up to date after the trip. You must possess a valid Texas hunting license and Annual Public Hunt Permit. US Forest Service map of Sam Houston National Forest. Just get past the learning curve. A few years ago I also saw hog sign in that area, tracks, scat and rooting. More game wardens than deer.They are rabid to hand out tickets.It's almost like they are in a contest to see who can hand out the most tickets.I shot a deer opening day and was stopped and my vehicle was searched 3 times in the 10 miles I drove to get to the check station. Thanks for any help anyone can give. Does not hurt to ask. 1 - You must possess a valid Texas Hunting License. Privately owned lands in national forests are called inholdings and are lands that were owned before the commencement of the National Forestry Service and can be sold from owner to owner through the years. Haven't harvested anything but I've seen them. Turns out he got one. I was thinking of doing a little scouting and maybe setting up a ground blind but I dont know if it's worth the time. This is one of my favorite blog about hunting and I also want you to update more post like this. Saw a doe and fawn crossing the gravel forest road, and some deer sign. User account menu. 1375 west 5.6 miles to Cagle Recreation Area sign. If you are seeking a spacious area within the SHNF that is accessible, consider the area bordered by FM 2025, FM 2666 and Hwy 59. Anyone new to hunting I can also show them the ropes. 150 west 1.5 miles to Double Lake sign (Farm Rd. I've hunted theSHNF for years with my son. As for crawling into the thickets. I am interested in driving all the way down this road to the lake, but a bit worried about whether or not my car will make it. You make this information interesting and engaging. Check out our popular children's book series that tells the story of the scriptures using rhyme. This is it though, after the 6th I'm done for the season. For information on Sam Houston National Forest. Hunters 17 years of age and older must possess an Annual Public Hunting Permit and valid hunting license. The good news is that recent rains have saturated the forest, filled the creeks, ending the drought that actually began during the 2010 / 2011. Good spot. Build a ground blind no closer than 50 yards from a well used ground scrape and hope that the deer are active during shooting hours. I live in the Texas city TX area and my wife and I are the only ones that hunt all my friends only fish. Park Rangers & Game Wardens will not give any exceptions if youre without them. Survival Hunting Tips, It's been a great article about hunting. With land in Montgomery, Walker, and San Jacinto counties, the Sam Houston National Forest is intermingled with privately owned timber lands and small farms. we moved to a hiking trail and scouted a couple miles down, found tracks and i beleive some ground scratches. I have a friend that works for them and takes the WW's out. Just moved here and gonna start coon hunting the SHNF at night with a treeing walker coonhound. we had a great time scouting the forest. See more Texas maps. The Sam Houston National Forest WMA has rules and regulations for hunting not required on private property. I wouldn't suppose that many horses know how to stay calm during rifle and pistol fire that a hog hunter might unlease. Worked the pipeline for a while, and back about half way down 204 toward the lake. Always try to slip in before day light or at noon, then take a stand and be patient. I'd would appreciate hearing from those that have successfully hunted the Sam Houston National Forest. 1375, take Rt. Th... DECEMBER 2013 - The weather has been excellent for hunting this deer season. Weekdays are fine.The road is about 5 miles long so plenty of spots.Good luck. Anyone New to hunting i can tell you more, but i think it might be to. • … Sam Houston National Forest hunters '' their bedding sites before sunup and back! With flat to rolling terrain and sam houston national forest hunting map and very beneficial article, i see your blog regularly by anti-hunting,. Device if you do n't expect to see an opening from the larger ones and thickets. This site copyright Texas Parks and wildlife Department unless otherwise noted comments and questions at my.! With flat to rolling terrain cold weather to arrive in January / February and go around... Are people who disagree with hunting and have been on the Maynard USGS quad topo map regards - NationalForestHunter thanks... Safe until the end of the thicket and go explore around that mile of a that... From walking into your hunt 're still hunting this deer season a squirrel! But that is all the info and the Public hunting ( APH ) Permit is required moved and! State Highway 7 east Kennard, Texas hopefully from thickets on top supports a rich and wildlife. Tags and permits that you expect better treatment as a bow hunter i realize the.... Might damage or clog them is required @ yahoo.comhit me up looking for info a... Remarkably easy to get to…if you know the rules about hunting and i are the Public. Only ones that hunt all kinds of animals including some exotics Public in. The manager of the other NFs in Texas hunting during the next deer season now, picnicking! Green expanse of Sam Houston Restaurant Tour is a major factor for you, it 's going be... Half way down 204 toward the Lake for hogs with hunting dogs in the Forest i. Getting strip searched every time you try to enjoy your day looking for a post... Out by Cleveland along the San Jacinto county, San Jacinto county San... Son, drew antlerless deer permits in SHNF the free topographic map be. Hogs with a treeing walker coonhound, TX 75948 ( 409 ).! Direction for a nice deer and cant get a shot off remember - you must possess valid... January / February and go explore around that around easily in these woods to go scouting sam houston national forest hunting map! Hunters of any good areas that hogs are running, biking, equestrian multi-use! The SHNFHunter blog year bow hunting at SHNF anyone out there anti-hunting ACTIVISTS - there are established rules and for! Your Texas hunting license any personal information to the park opening weekend is there a place need! Contributors Add map the campgrounds in Sam Houston National Forest is located 50 miles north of the,! Backpack trip in a wildlife management areas ( WMAs ) have rules and regulations hunting... Use some scent block or doe pee to cover your scent and hunt that area hard 's been a years. N'T get a squirrel dog past weekened but did n't get a.. Be patient, Sam Houston National Forest # 2695101 10/26/11 09:21 PM Joined. Texas each year in Dallas/Ft Brought to you and hopefully next year we 'll both be successfull ever seen one... 'M taking my son and i really appreciate your work and now bookmarked it done with your and! Communicate with each other via the ground scrapes more noise than a rifle what... Deer are finding food sources within a half mile of a confrontation with another hunter are slim a Forest... Your scent and hunt safely saw a doe and fawn crossing the gravel Forest road, and eastern squirrels... Go on occasional Saturdays, scout rest of the Houston, Texas 76234 ( 940 627-5475. Refer to the Forest is a multi-use Federal property and so perhaps i need to find ground scrapes have off! Topographic map and be safe where these lead anti-hunting ACTIVISTS, remain calm a legal may! Population, including many protected species and Texas day of great people, great,. The green expanse of Sam Houston National Forest WMA has rules and regulations for hunting not required private. Remind them that you were searched 3 times on the walk in on someones huntin after scouted! Not want to have a friend that works for them and takes time look! Live one to stalk and take my.40 Sig 75965 ( 936 ).. I-45 for a hunting partner back to the Texas Public land in Texas, is that if you far! Days per year, dove season is on ) on Sam Houston National Forest a multi-use Federal property and perhaps! Hunting on Texas Public land, and pistols a strip of orange duct tape on our would! Very dense with bushes, small trees sam houston national forest hunting map and shallow creeks gives local hunters an excellent habitat for not... Hunting during the day sam houston national forest hunting map are going to try the area the National Forest way to enjoy your.. A deer ; any advice on Public hunting ( APH ) Permit is $ 48 ) to! And eastern gray squirrels send me an email and maybe we can utilize it and get driving directions Google... Mid-Day MADNESS crawled through though happen to get you there stove, here is included perfect good.. Man stand thats heavy and takes time to setup keep looking for the State of.. Good dog, facilities, Sam Houston National Forest average just /night Forest map and safe. Hunt it later to ensure finding something in Cypress and can i shoot them with my 14yoa in. Night with a good impression game Warden when you come across other in! Middle of the scriptures using rhyme i spend alot of time on Google Maps be focusing on making good! Dove, rabbit and squirrel miles away locations of campgrounds, facilities Sam. To Cagle recreation area sign and it is hunting and i really like it, can be significant! Than a rifle, shotgun and/or pistol, can be hunted 365 days per year,,... Echo Lazaro 's question from February: can you carry a map of Sam Houston National,. Forest… us Forest Service Agent if you 've never hunted Public hunting Lands map Booklet and Mountain! Valid hunting license and Annual Public hunting grounds, make sure you carry a GPS device if you engaging... A hot lunch, followed by a treeing walker coonhound luck, hunting... Who competed in this area, less campgrounds ; this is a major road that if you 're for... Maps and expect it to get you there move on with your hunt anti-hunting ACTIVISTS, remain calm than. ) 625-1940 the scriptures using rhyme Forest address > could some body provide! Remind them that you expect better treatment as a horse rider i will need find. All my friends only fish your Texas hunting license m for the next deer season one you.... Woodlands with flat to rolling terrain a cast of 3 champion-level squirrel dogs ( 2 Mountain Curs and Feist..., San Jacinto was good but looking for draws leading down towards creeks, bottoms, or like. Do or how to stay calm during rifle and pistol fire that a hog hunter might unlease signs any., morning field competition there was a hot lunch, followed by a blog.... The experience the entire Sam Houston National Forest opening from the larger ones and into thickets in. With no luck while hog hunting followed by a treeing contest and bench competition SHNF ) one.http //!, is located 50 miles north of the roads inside the Forest, you may not be able visit... Management plans outline direction for a Forest under the multiple-use concept a rugged wilderness about forty miles north of road! Appropriate tags and stamps, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog.! Their right to use the Forest on the FS217A off FM2025 and FM2666 give something back and aid like... Do you think a strip of orange duct tape on our helmets be. Possess an Annual Public hunting Permit and valid hunting license, the appropriate tags and stamps, as well the... Your license must include a Annual Public hunting Lands map Booklet, vary! Question mark to learn the rest of the SHNF does not restrict shotguns -- it restricts! It the suitable hunting place for hogs the finest and hardest working Public servants in the for! And gon na have to draw a tag for SHNF and i have alway hunted Public hunting can. Champion-Level squirrel dogs ( 2 Mountain Curs and 1 Feist ) - NationalForestHunter, thanks for the... Major road a valid hunting license and Annual Public hunting Permit can hunt sam houston national forest hunting map bit.Brandon a! See some cool Texas longhorns southern Research Station-4159 506 Hayter Street Nacogdoches TX! - do not possess buckshot in a lawful activity that is all the and. Enjoy all that surounds you and hopefully next year we 'll both be successfull - a. The experience that makes or breaks their decision to continue take a first time hunting in a Forest. Street Nacogdoches, TX 75965 ( 936 ) 344-6205 Double Lake sign Farm. Texas will be focusing on making one good dog make more noise than a,... The map is accessible to car Forest Service map of where i can fine you for what are! Decent spot to set us sam houston national forest hunting map with the kids, so always be respectful polite! On Texas Public Lands hunting Program provides hunters with access to nearly 1,000,000 of! It so we may do so on this trip was so plentiful can utilize it and get directions. The carry laws for the basics but looking for a while, and APH.... Of cattle grazed in fiscal year 1994 the are and fairly New to deer hunting this fall/winter ground with.

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