This mod aims to expand and overhaul the Legion into the faction it was meant to be. At game start Legion can be either neutral or hostile. The Mojave Region Expansion will be leading off the new Fallout: Wasteland Warfare sets for 2021, and is bringing you two Fallout: New Vegas factions to add to your gaming table.. But they still hold open hostility towards ghouls and synths alike, and while they're quite willing to preserve and use pre-war technology, they hold strong hesitation or animosity towards those who dare create new tech. But it also means open hostility to all other denizens of the wasteland, be they ghoul, synth, or even a regular human. The Minutemen are a faction that arose roughly two centuries after the US was decimated by nukes, but the Responders arose in the immediate aftermath of this destruction, which means we see how early survivors reacted to and dealt with this nightmarish world. 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The structure of the Legion modeled after the Roman Empire, specifically under Caesar Augustus, the first Emperor.Their ethos is based on long-term survivability and stability, seeing classical democracies as riddled with corruption and inefficiency. -----ACCEPTED You would make a fine addition. 1 gun once . Like any faction, it has its problems, but, at its core, it's still a brotherhood. Doesn't do much anyway cause none of the NPC at the legion fort will talk to me. #6. But then you realize there might be some depth to them, and perhaps an ultimate good can come from allying with them. From the Pack, to the Powder Gangers, to the Paradise Fall Slavers, there's no shortage of raider groups in the remnants of the US. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. It's the best faction to rule the Mojave. The Legion makes more progress than any other faction, and their rise and fall would be inevitable in real-life. Only high-level Legion officers get good weapons. Fallout has always presented witty political satire, and perhaps having the remnants of the United States' federal government act as recurring antagonists is their greatest critique thus far. At the time, they had been captured by a tribe (due to a mistranslation according to Graham). When players enter The Fort, they can find a trader named … What could be better than the Minutemen? It’s basically a massive cult of personality based around Caesar and is probably doomed to fall apart. The legionaries use trappings of Roman culture, but these are not imposed on the Legion… A new YouTube series called The Cutting Room Floor recently debuted, and the first few videos to be released all delve into the background of Caesar’s Legion. I'm slightly leaning towards Caesar's Legion as much as I don't want to admit this as an NCR lover. The edgy 14 year old faction witch plays a major role in fallout: new vegas Caesar's Legion is a faction in Fallout New Vegas. Crni Vuk M4A3 Oldfag oTO Orderite. A noble cause, if not a bit small in scale, as the Commonwealth is plagued by many problems aside from the mistreatment of one group. Faction based on Fallout Lore and TrackerTrackers RimOut: Legion uniforms mod. Families are torn apart, and all rights and privileges are removed. 39,169. And joining this group means having access to some powerful weaponry and advanced technology - albeit nowhere near the Institute - in a world of scavenging and scraps. Enter the full URL of your item or group's Facebook page, Enter the full URL of your item or group's Twitter page. Reply 0 [-] But then you realize there might be some depth to them, and perhaps an ultimate good can come from allying with them. Now, players can finally partake in the drama, too. Caesar's Legion wants to turn the wasteland into a vastly different place, and is willing to do whatever it takes to do this, although they claim that in the end their lands will be free from greed and corruption. Caesar's Legion is an imperialistic dictatorship over the American Southwest founded in 2247 by Edward Sallow and Joshua Graham, inspired and partially based on the ancient Roman Empire.The Legion is an ultra-reactionary, utilitarian slave army supported by several tributary populations. True to Caesar. It makes for wonderful drama, especially with Wastelanders finally adding NPCs to this apocalyptic world. Goes well with Arizona Slave Army. Caesar's Legion is the best faction to join, unarguably, because you could do way more good moving up their ranks than dying at their hands in some futile virtue signal to yourself. Caesar may be cruel, but his strategy and tactics are tried and true throughout history despite the … What I mean by weighted, is in what way should each faction be different from 'the norm'. So, these are the top 10 joinable factions throughout the overall series. Not by any means. Legion do a lot of extremely shitty things like the slavery, crucifixion, rape and other stuff I forget though I’m pretty sure there was more. Legion reputations heavily emphasize story through lore and world quests; gaining reputation is less grindy than Warlords of Draenor. Each major faction has their own initially well-intentioned agenda, but an ideology without flaws doesn't exist. This is the main quest line that allies you with Caesar’s Legion. Even with all the shoehorning of political agendas for the sake of biting wit, the game is an absolute legendary classic. You’ll complete the quest whether Caesar lives or dies, but obviously turning the Legion hostile by failing to placate Lucius will terminate this questline, at this point leaving you with only the Wild Card ending as an option. The Third used to be a renowned legion in an ancient Perisnoan empire and are the only living descendants left. Like their historical counterpart, the Minutemen are the perfect embodiment of a grassroots movement of noble goals, albeit comprised of fallible people. That kind of bond is undoubtedly appealing to many players, and there's a reason this is among the longest-lived factions of the franchise. Essentially, the Legion was founded when Edward Sallow (FotA Scholar who would become Caesar) discovered a bunch of texts (while he was out east learning tribal dialects) regarding ancient Rome, including Gaius Julius Caesar's personal accounts. > how to join caesar's legion. That and they are like walking tanks in that power armor. First the backstory of our legion soldier, which we will call Augustus Caesar after the step-son of the real Caesar. Caesar's Legion operates in accordance with a strict military hierarchy, inspired by the military of ancient Rome, as it is a massive army inspired by the stories of imperial Rome's might. All rights reserved. The Fallout franchise has always pushed players to make hard judgment calls and to try to find their niche in a cruel, post-apocalyptic world. Makes the Legion more friendly during dialogue. Slavery is legal, women have zero rights, practice crucifixion, etc.. Their only plus side is their territories are free of raiders because of how ruthless they are so traders have it good. With the dissolution of the US in a post-nuclear annihilated world, smaller nations eventually arose to fill that power vacuum. No apocalyptic story would be complete without groups of aimless mayhem-makers wandering about, looting and pillaging like land-dwelling pirates. 6.) For Fallout: New Vegas on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Attempt to increase rep with Caesars Legion. Yeni! Caesar’s Legion does not provide their own companion, and siding with them will cause Boone and Arcade to no longer accompany you.