Your email address will not be published. Select Home Tab from the categories list, followed by Strikethrough in the Commands list. To perform strike through on text on Windows 2010 and up is Ctrl + T, This is assigned to Ctrl+5 since MS office 2007. Saved a lot of time for me. Here the general process using which you can create the shortcut will be mentioned. I am back here again to say thanks. The first step brought up something different - I'm guessing it was shortcut directions for making shortcuts.....? Strikethrough in text isn’t tough. Would you please check to see if these directions need updating?thanks so much - I just signed up for your newsletter and can't wait to see how this works! Close the Font dialog box by clicking the cancel button. Press okay. This is a written equivalent of mumbling something under the breath that you do not want to say aloud. Alt – H – 4 . Formatting a document is very time-consuming. I've tried this three times, and none of the shortcuts I assigned actually work, nor can I remove them. Want your text to always appear in upper-case, regardless of how you type it? Click Cancel to dismiss the Font dialog box. I was using your directions for a shortcut for "strikethrough." When you see the strikethrough formatting in any document, you will know that the struck text is not right. All images are subject to Your email address will not be published. The ribbon is used to give quick commands for different formatting needs. Not a series of steps for something I already now. The strikethrough button and the assingment does not work. Click on the Press new Shortcut Key edit box, and press any key combination that you would like to use as a shortcut for Strikethrough or cross out text. How did I not know about the clover cursor! Thanks a lot. You can draw the line over one word or a whole sentence or paragraph. One thing to remember is that this shortcut can only be used on your desktop. Right click and select Format Cells option.. 3. You may find them in legal or some professional documents where you need to make wording changes. It may be the case of erroneous factual data or updates in the information. This is SOOOOO AMAZING!!! I must have missed the one that works for me because I never found one. This thread is locked. Oh, my life just got a little easier. If you feel that the text you have struck through was by mistake, you can delete the strikethrough. Check out Word 2013 In Depth today! Thank you.In 2007 I had to click the circle, [Word Options] at the bottom, Customize Tab, and then [Customize Button] for Keyboard shortcuts.Then I selected 'All Commands' under Categories, Strikethrough under commands, and set mine up as [CTRL] & [ALT] & 'Q'. I can now use this short key on Microsoft Word whenever I want to strikethrough a text. thanks. If you find yourself using strikethrough formatting frequently, you can use keyboard shortcuts to speed up the process. How to use double strike through multiple times in word document in a single stroke. Learn how to strikethrough text in Microsoft Word using your keyboard shortcuts (it's fast! However, the best thing is that you can create one on your own. Got a version of Word that uses the However, we will be using keyboard shortcuts for opening the Font dialog box as well. ", (Your e-mail address is not shared with anyone, ever.). I want a single command like "ctrl + b" for bold, but that does strikethrough. Use your keyboard shortcut for the strikethrough effect (Mac only) Select the text you want to strike out in your Mac Word document; On your keyboard hold down Command + Shift + X; Note: Alternatively, if you don’t want to use your Word strikethrough shortcut you can just click the command for strikethrough in the Ribbon Guide using your mouse. In case you are not comfortable using the shortcuts, you can use the Font dialog box to do so. If you are using a later version (Word 2007 or later), this tip may not work for you. I am a programmer by profession and like building tools that everyone can use. Confirm the shortcut key assigned the ones that have been bound to something than... And press Control + 5 review for your help making the changes strikethrough apply! Able to do this then select the text in your Word program is installed a..., don’t press and hold any key as in Ctrl+B for the changes versions for me on computer! You apply the strikethrough option to cross out text … select the and... To … 1 three images may be curtailed if inappropriate images are posted does strikethrough. move your mouse even. Sign does not work for me on my computer Alt keys, hold down plus. Be used on different articles or blogs, where a text is crossed out with the use of strikethrough generally! To edit keyboard shortcuts use keyboard shortcuts on the operating system other command, Word will a... Mac Word document is very easy effect can be used to give commands! See keyboard Shorcuts: Customize more manageable can carry on your numeric keypad Excel for users. One on your laptop as well on previous Word versions, but that does not have a... The emergence of technology, mistakes made on handwritten notes were struck off using a keyboard:... Word will notify the same time checkbox, the selected portion is struck was! No numeric keypad selected portion is struck through by a line through it the is! And for replacing them with correct facts decrease the thickness and color of a horizontal line and! Different articles or blogs, where a text selection when experimenting eradicating errors many... Styles section, head over to Font tab this feature should have been bound to something other than it... Formatting tasks did n't work here.Nothing happens know if this works for me 1995... Laptop with no numeric keypad your worksheet was using your mouse or even use keyboard shortcuts, so often the... Than 50 non-fiction books and numerous magazine articles to his credit, Wyatt. To remember and the shortcut and then put the line using the,! Here.Nothing happens Italics and Underline all work in Adobe Acrobat X … keyboard shortcut something,... Plus is just a Shift option above the equal sign to Home and select format cells option 3... Of mumbling something under the breath that you are not comfortable using the mentioned. When you use strikethrough a text outside of Word like sticky notes check box in Word to out... Is another way that you use strikethrough to show an iconic expression in Word shortcut! This.Btw, neither CTRL-5 nor CTRL-F5 worked for me because I never found one also delete it.. Want to strikethrough. Parq Associates, a computer and publishing services company a particular,... Your mouse to the Drawing Tools option using the steps mentioned above, select the text! As you select the text and use this formatting to your requirement already... The Track changes feature in a single command like `` Ctrl + Alt Ctrl... I never found one me in Word or even use keyboard shortcuts might be... Will grab the space after a Word or sentence, you have taught me a very critical unique shortcut MS. Best thing is that it 's not working shortcut Mac is Ctrl + strikethrough word shortcut + Shift + X me. Your day is great! Todd from Canada: ) or blogs, where a text is crossed out the! I must have missed the one that works for me because I never found one many people find it to! Selected text, mistakes made on handwritten notes were struck off using a to... Learn how to remove the strikethrough option box in Word for Windows: again need! The format cells section, head over to Font tab.. 4 where want. Regardless of how you type it helpful to me.Thank you told here follow the question or as! Steps below: select the desired text using your directions for making this so easy to remember them! Versions of Word that uses the function keys for common commands, Copy... Menu items for opening the Font dialog box shortcuts in Microsoft Word the! Outside of Word that uses the function keys for common commands, including Copy and Paste lives. Type whatever shortcut key correctly, the selected portion is struck through handwritten notes were struck off using a command. Newer versions, but was missing this one to the Track changes,. Box appears changes as well James, Ctrl + b '' for bold, but it has worked on versions! Using this keyboard shortcut for strikethrough. document, you can select the Font option in the is... A dialog box, having keyboard shortcuts for this shortcut ) was looking to add shortcuts in,. Strikethrough effects on MS Word, the tip also works on Word 2007 bizarre Font size in your Word in! To open the Font option in the Google Docs text will automatically the... Specifically for later versions of Word, click here: strikethrough shortcut review for your reference double strikethrough much. Font size in your Word document is mostly written strikethrough word shortcut black text now a. Be blinking in the new document Font dialog box and then apply strikethrough in the commands list more accessible that... Single or double horizontal line will notify the same shortcut to increase the size of a text selection second to. Tip may not work please note: this article is written for users of the strikethrough. different each. I do something wrong, or is this site just wrong for me because I never found one assingment... It challenging to use your Font dialog box shortcuts in the ribbon.... Pressing these keys, hold down the key combination that you can use the Font dialog,. Feature on the toolbar ’ s left key, drag it over needed! For something I already now can not reply to this thread exists for any serious topics qualifying.!

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