It is straight forward and easy. Whole wheat bread however evaded me for a long time, but given how much I love bread I was determined to get it right, and I think after so many failed attempts (think bitter, grainy bricks, YUCK!) To the milk we’ll add our raw cane sugar and then dissolve the yeast into it. I added and additional approx 6 oz and still did not have a soft ball. – I didn’t need as much flour as the recipe called for (though it was mentioned in the recipe that that might be the case!!). I warm the milk and then add the pineapple juice and it becomes a cheese. Cant wait to try. Once we’ve rolled each piece into a ball, we’re going to place it into a buttered dish (I use a 9×13 glass baking dish) where we will allow it to proof a second time. You can freeze the fully baked rolls in an airtight container. would that make a difference? You are the sweet one young lady. How long do these usualy take to make? This was an absolute wonderful dough to work with, I however only did one thing different, I put all my dry ingredients into the mixing bowl, then made a huge well in the center down to the bottom of the bowl, pulling the dry ingredients up the sides of the bowl, then poured the premixed dry ingredients into the center, then with a wooden spoon quickly pulled all the ingredients together, therefor the wettest in the center, then added the dough hook, and let it knead for 5 min. They were delightful. Once that happens we set the dough into a clean, lightly oiled bowl to proof until it has almost tripled in size. Hi Abby! Our KING'S HAWAIIAN® classic bread products have been satisfying taste buds since 1950. Once I did that, everything else was exactly as you said. The only thing I did different was to prepare the dough as instructed and then I chilled it overnight in the refrigerator. Thank you!!! It sounds like you didn’t use instant yeast or your yeast might be dead (or your kitchen is really cold). can I use it in this recipe? I made it with plain flour (in the UK, same as all purpose) and didn’t use a stand mixer but they still turned out really well. King's Hawaiian Original Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls (32 x 4 packs per case) 3.0 out of 5 stars 1. Oh and the yeasty smell is super awful even though I followed the recipe to a T. So I switch to active dry yeast and everything come out perfect. Please help. The pineapple juice truly does give the same sweet and tropical flavor that the packaged ones have. My rolls did not look as pretty as the picture here. I also put a 4 cup glass measuring cup with 3 cups of water that I have boiled in the microwave in the oven during the proofing time. Milk: Aside from its nutritional benefits, the milk serves to add moisture and richness, but most importantly,  it helps the bread to brown when baked. Once I added twice as many of the other ingredients, it came together nicely. Followed the recipe verbatim, got dry, crumbly biscuits I wouldn’t feed to a duck. Your recipes never let me down. DASH. And why? This recipe is a keeper! That recipe calls for King’s Hawaiin rolls. Discover our specialty baked products From Coconut Macadamia Nut bread to our Jalapeño rolls… Butter: This is all for the richness and flavor. Although they tasted pretty good the structure was way off. The recipe is specifically written to produce bread rolls as similar as possible to the store-bought kind, so changing or substituting anything will produce different results! So happy you tried these rolls out . Today I made them using Kiefer milk instead of regular milk and they were so moist and soft. Country White. 2 hawaiian breakfast slider on a hawaiian roll with vegan ham, dairy free swiss, and scrambled egg topped with a slice of fresh grilled pineapple. Trying to stir with a spatula was basically impossible. I will be making these again and again! Can I fold in the flour by hand and how long should I knead it? I tried making this twice, both came out the same. They turned out perfect! Hi! And all temps for the liquids were at temps specified I would not make these again! Hawaiian Haze Hemp Pre-Rolls are made from our hemp nugs just like what is sold in our jars. Butter, milk, salt, raw cane sugar, yeast, eggs, white whole wheat flour, pineapple juice, honey, and vital wheat gluten are all going into this heavenly concoction from which our dough and subsequent bread will emerge. These are amazing! When putting the rolls into the fridge to bake the next day, should I put the egg/water wash on first before putting them in the fridge? Use a bench scraper or knife to divide the dough into 15 equal pieces. I’m rating it only on the video I watched. Oi magiasbook. Thank you so much for posting! Once this dough is formed, we’ll turn it out onto our floured counter top and begin to work it. It makes sense because of the yeast. I ended up not changing the wet ingredients at all with the exception of a small splash of extra pineapple juice. Spray a 13x9-inch baking pan with cooking spray. Very happy I found your site. Please state weight instead of cups next time. when calls for half a can of pineapple juice what size, kind can did you use? My dough is not soft it’s hard and not raising much after 45 mins What did I do wrong? That’ll be the amount each ball should be . At any time you may withdraw consent. Thank you. I am planning on making these rolls again to bring to a thanksgiving dinner and I will need to double the recipe. Hi Tessa Thaw to room temperature overnight before reheating in a 300°F oven for 10 minutes. I do have a question; can any of the sweet breads be made in a bread machine? You can refrigerate the dough after it has risen for the first time for up to 24 hours! I too noticed the comments too late, and made this recipe with REAL PINEAPPLE JUICE. Thank you! You may knead the dough by hand if you don’t have a stand mixer. Schwebel’s Sweet Hawaiian Rolls These contain enriched wheat flour, water, sugar, corn syrup, white rye flour, potato flour, wheat gluten, yeast, soybean oil, salt, yellow corn flour, maltodextrin, corn sugar… These came out perfect! Each time it was delicious. Thanks for a great recipe! How the yeast will rise if I use active dry yeast. It would appear from other commenters that fresh juice does have a negative effect on the yeast :/. Current RH is 84%. Well, sometimes when you’re recreating a food that’s processed and packaged in the grocery store, it’s nearly impossible to use the same ingredients since we’re not in a manufacturing plant. If you don’t want it to be sweet reduce the sugar. Wow these were really easy! The best I can do this summer since I unfortunately don’t have any tropical vacations planned is to eat like I’m on vacation. I accidentally used cake flour instead of bread flour so that was on me but I took a chance and added some regular flour to group it better and baked it and it actually tasted pretty good even though I messed up! Punch the dough down to release the air and divide it into 15 portions. baked them for slightly shorter amount of time (around 20m) and they’re perfect – best Hawaiian bread recipe I’ve used! I would suggest using a kitchen scale to weigh the flour instead, or try to reduce the flour slightly. The second time I used Lakanto Monk fruit sweetener rather than sugar. Item 151794 Add. I’m wondering if that is the result of not letting it rise long enough? Used the right flour. I ended up with 36 rolls. Just a note to anyone in the same boat as I was just in. Please see my Ultimate Guide to Measuring for more help: Once the rolls have doubled in size yet again, we’re going to bake our rolls in a pre-heated oven. Thank you! This is so much better than another recipe I tried from a different site. Otherwise would you instead recommend using some AP flour since I won’t have enough bread flour? In a third (large) bowl add the salt and vital wheat gluten to the flour and stir well to incorporate and evenly distribute the vital wheat gluten. I don’t even like pineapple. Eggs: Eggs in a bread dough aids in enriching the dough (the yolks), but it also acts as a leavening agent and contributes to the rise of the bread; meaning fluffier, lighter, softer rolls! Is the dough supposed to be pretty sticky? I gave this a run today – The dough came out super sticky out of the mixer bowl, it is currently sitting rising now before i try to bake. 7-Grain. You can freeze 10 minutes after your shape the dough into rolls. I'm a professionally trained chef, cookbook author, and cookie queen. I am keeping this recipe! I make this recipe in my bread machine on the sweet dough cycle all the time. I used 3/4 c pineapple juice instead of 1/2. How did you keep the milk and pineapple from curdling when mixed? I love to write about all things sweet, carb-y, and homemade. Definitely making these again. I hate buying mass-produced, chemical filled bread so I always make my own and this is my kids’ favorite for their school lunches. Arnold® Premium Breads | Products. Note that you may have longer rising times. It rise beautifully. . I’m wanting a Hawaiian hoggie a small a hot dog bun. But I don’t have any bread flour; Is it ok if I use All-purpose flour? I don’t have a stand mixer. May the smell of fresh bread fill your house and surround you and your loved ones with warm hugs! Hawaiian Dinner Rolls Recipe: How to Make It | Taste of Home I also kneaded by hand because I do not have a have kitchen aid, will that make a difference? I feel it has more to do with the method of bringing the dough together in the beginning. this recipe needs? If it seems like a bit of overkill with the ingredients, know that there is a rhyme and reason for each one. Can I substitute for canned pineapple juice? Thanks Tessa! This copycat recipe for Homemade Hawaiian Bread Rolls is perfectly sweet, soft, fluffy, and golden brown. The recipe states “4 1/2 cups (20 ounces) bread flour” but 4.5 cups is not 20 ounces. Unfortunately, the enzymes in the fresh pineapple break down and destroy the gluten you are trying to form when kneading, leaving you with a stick, mushy dough that will not recover…baker beware! The kneading doesn’t have to be intense or fast-paced, but it needs to be constant and you need to work the dough well. I’m about to let it rise and it just seems too wet. The rolls rise beautifully. Bread/Rolls skills I do not have. I am going to make this recipe with active dry yeast ? I help take the luck out of baking so you *always* have delicious results! Thanks! Thank you for your recipe. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a94de2d4de691b0bc25e7568b85d9399" );document.getElementById("ef982babcc").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Don't subscribe Vegan. Hawaiian Haze – Hemp Pre-Roll $ 6.99 – $ 83.88 Made exclusively from our hemp flower buds, we never undercut the quality of our products and we strongly believe in providing the best experience possible in every … i just didnt have plastic wrap handy. I have followed the recipe to a T. Now what do I do? Anything beyond 120°F and the yeast will begin to die. Without it, bread is dense and does not develop. These taste amazing and were easy to make. Organic Hawaii online store is where you can shop for best organic ingredients for Natural Health that are vegan, non-gmo, all-natural, and locally grown in Hawaii. What if I can’t find bread flour, can I use all AP? It were pretty sticky so I kneaded it a bit and shaped the rolls using extra flour. So easy to make. If it’s cold then try adding 30 min to 1 hour to the rise time so you get a more fluffy texture. I want to try and make them and freeze the dough before I bake them next time, is this ok. Gluten free. These were delicious! These are the PERFECT size for small turkey snack sandwiches and I got 30 rolls instead of 15 (one pan had 15, the other had 16). Thanks! I followed the ingredient list exactly and the results were amazing! The dough didn’t double in size before I formed them for baking. Salt: Aside from the fact that this dough will be on the sweeter side and that the salt helps to flavor the dough, the addition of salt serves a very important purpose in bread making. That sounds absolutely delicious. May I know what kind of milk (e.g. Taste great. Glad to hear that, Valerie! These came out perfect! I am curious. How may ounces does each of these Hawaiian Roll weigh? All of them love this recipe! Shape each piece into a ball and place in the prepared pan. I was concerned so i took a gamble and added more flour to half of the mixture. I wanted to give my two cents and hopefully help others feel confident about this recipe. New to baking with yeast. The recipe is a bit complicated with ginger, vanilla and coconut extracts, and I’m not sure if the large quantity of acid from pineapple juice and buttermilk are what may have affected the overall flavor and texture.

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