Hovenweep National Monument Visitor Center. Do not use GPS to find your way. The famous towers could have been used as celestial observatories, defensive structures, storage facilities, civil buildings, homes, or any combination of these. To reach Hovenweep from Cortez, Colorado, take US 491 North for 19 miles to Road BB in Pleasant View, CO. And on another trip we drove from Bluff to Hovenweep. General Information: Also, the trail to the ruins, about a … As mentioned the road to Hovenweep is paved. Outlying units include Holly, Horseshoe, Hackberry, Cutthroat Castle and Cajon. Hovenweep National Monument is reached from the south by several paved roads, starting from either US 191, Aneth on UT 262 or US 160 near Cortez in Colorado - this latter (Montezuma County Road G) is the longest, a bendy route through cultivated land along McElmo Creek and past some entrances to Colorado's … Most people spend one to two hours exploring the area. Part of this monument is located in Colorado but most of the sites are in Utah including the Visitor Center and campground. Albatrossity. Several theories have developed as to the reasons for the ancestral Puebloans departure. The buildings that visitors to Hovenweep see today are the remnants of the settlements these people built during the high point of their occupation of region. Contact the Park. It is hot and very exposed - early morning or evening would be best in summer, and take plenty of water. You have to want to go there and drive the extra miles out of your way … S DeCourcy … 3 - 1 4. Others say a combination of overpopulation, overuse of the land, and a 20-year drought beginning in the year 1276 made the area uninhabitable. Most of the roads in the Canyons of the Ancients are not paved. With its “Hovenweep Road” moniker, that gravel route is only ten miles long, but takes thirty-eight minutes. Services in the Square Tower complex include a Visitor Center, small bookstore, picnic shelters, restrooms and water. Spalls were used to support stones in place. Please stay on trails and don't enter ruins. ROAD MILEPOST INFORMATION Road Milepost Information and Logs 7 - 1 8. The road to the visitor center and Square Tower Group is paved from Cortez, Colorado, on County Road G (the McElmo Canyon Road), and from White Mesa (south of Blanding) on Highway 262. Hovenweep National Monument includes five prehistoric, Puebloan-era villages located on the Cajon mesa along the Utah-Colorado border. The Square Tower Unit is the monument's primary contact facility with ranger-led tours, a visitor center and campground. From Cortez to the monument it is about 44 miles, via Road 10. Archeologists have found that most of the towers were associated with kivas (religious and social structures), giving some evidence toward a ceremonial use. Hovenweep National Monument is an inspiring place that begs visitors to ask questions about the ancients. Only about two-tenths of a mile is unpaved, making the drive to Hovenweep an easy one. Hovenweep National Monument Hovenweep is located approximately 20 miles north of Aneth Utah and straddles Southeast Utah and Southwest Colorado. By evidence of masonry and architecture, as well as the predominance of Mesa Verde pottery at all of the Hovenweep villages, it is apparent that the people who built these structures were part of the Montezuma Valley/Mesa Verde culture. Preparation: Summer highs may exceed 100 Degrees Fahrenheit, with lows in the 60's. 7. In another five miles at a T intersection, turn right again. GPS units may lead you astray. I arrived in Hovenweep at about noon time and walked right in to the Visitor Center to look at a map. By about 900 A.D. these people started to settle here year-round, planting and harvesting crops in the rich soil on the mesa's top. Here is a description from the nps.gov website: At its prime in the late 1200's, the Hovenweep area was home to over 2,500 people. Some believe that stored crops would be plentiful enough to last through anticipated dry years as well. Great, easy hike with stunningly preserved ruins. Hovenweep may be reached via paved roads through either McElmo Canyon or by way of Pleasant View. Located near the visitor center and campground, Square Tower Group is the only unit of Hovenweep accessible by a paved road. ... you can drive almost all the way up to the site. Hovenweep (“Deserted … From Utah, follow U.S. 191, southeastern Utah's major north-south route, to Utah 262, between the towns of Blanding and Bluff. 6. You can also hike the Sand Canyon trail complex as well. Utahtea Reply. Benchmark map for Utah shows a stretch of dirt road. Human habitation at Hovenweep dates back over 10,000 years ago when nomadic Paleoindians visited the Cajon Mesa to gather food and hunt game. The last half mile of this road was pretty rough. July 14, 2020 at 7:09 am ... Lowry Pueblo (ironically up the dirt road a looong ways east from Hovenweep in Colorado) is the northernmost and (likely) furthest Chacoan Outlier. Home » About the Area » Regional Archaeology » Hovenweep National Monument Hovenweep National Monument. Ruins of 13th century villages, in remote country of mesas and shallow ravines, either side of the Colorado border. . An introduction to the features of Hovenweep. Update, August 2019 The Cutthroat Unit is closed, due to access issues; the approach road crosses private land, for which permission to cross has been withdrawn At just 14.1 acres, the Cutthroat Castle Group is the smallest of the six units of Hovenweep National Monument, and the northernmost, situated on and under the rim of an upper tributary of Hovenweep Canyon, south of County Road … Hovenweep is noted for its solitude and undeveloped, natural character. This road accesses most of the … Hovenweep National Monument is 20 miles north of Aneth on a gravel and paved road. On its website, Hovenweep says not to use GPS to get there -- instead, it recommends good-old fashioned maps. The structures here are numerous and varied. There’s a campground and a fancy new Visitor Center. 2055 County Road 204 Around the towers are piles of rubble that indicate that there were many more structures in existence than are seen today, leaving archeologists to ponder over the actual function of these towers. Hovenweep was designated as a national monument in 1923. The Trail of the Ancients is a National Scenic Byway located in the states of Colorado and Utah.The route highlights the archaeological and cultural history of southwestern Native American peoples, and traverses the widely diverse geological landscape of the Four Corners region of the Colorado Plateau.It was the first National Scenic … Hours: Open All Year 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. except December 25. There are numerous paved and dirt roads intersecting each other in this remote corner of Utah. It is maintained for year-round travel. Was the road paved all the way? The road is paved most of the way, but becomes gravel near the monument. Hovenweep National Monument: Easy paved path to part of the ruins - See 671 traveler reviews, 475 candid photos, and great deals for Cortez, CO, at Tripadvisor. There is one campground. Check on road conditions, as heavy rains or snow can make the Pleasant View route impassable. Two pages, legal-sized. 970-749-5199 or 970-259-5805, Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, Aztec Ruins National Monument, New Mexico. By the end of the thirteenth century the people of Hovenweep and the surrounding region (such as Mesa Verde and Kayenta) packed up and left the area, presumably moving southward and joining with the people of the Hopi and Zuni. We recommend stopping at Hovenweep Visitor Center at Square Tower Group before going to other outlying areas. Now there’s no problem with reaching Hovenweep. The south trailhead for this is along a paved road, McElmo Canyon Rd, west of Cortez. Wall stones are thick blocks taken from sandstone containing calcium carbonate. Snow is usually light to moderate. The road is paved. County Road 10 turns into Hovenweep Road upon crossing the Utah state line. There are numerous paved and dirt roads intersecting each other in this … The road was practically paved with them. All main access roads to the park are paved. INTRODUCTION 1 - 1 2. The inhabitants of the Hovenweep area during the late 1200's, referred to as the ancestral Pueblo (formerly Anasazi), excelled in architectural and craft skills as well as farming. Fees: Person: $3.00 per person - Vehicle: $6.00 per car. APPENDIX ... Paved Road Pages 5 - 1 6 - 1 5. Location: - The road to Square Tower is paved from Cortez, Colorado, on County Road G (the McElmo Canyon Road), and is also paved on Highway 262 from White Mesa (south of Blanding). If you are familiar with Google Street View, you know that Google camera cars have traversed almost every paved road in America. . Located a mere 39 miles northeast of Bluff on U.S. 191 and Highway 26, this enchanting place is known for its six abandoned Ancestral Puebloan ruins. This Site All NPS. Tools. Good walking shoes, plenty of water and protection from the sun are very important. In a wild, remote and somewhat forgotten part of the Southwest, Canyons of the Ancients National Monument, 20 least visited national monuments in the West, All Contents © Copyright The American Southwest. ... paved walkways to see the three bridges. Soon after, turn left onto 268A to reach the Hovenweep … View from the Overlook of Little Ruins Can… 1. We had to see it. In brief, the tower walls have the following characteristics: Departure There are towers, kivas, pueblos, room blocks, granaries, check dams, and farming terraces. From the visitor center to the canyon rim is paved, and the trail after that is well maintained. One flat rectangular side forms the visible wall face, while the other stones within the walls are irregular. 13. Follow signs to the visitor center. You can also drive west from Cortez. The road from Highway 666 (near Pleasant View) is dirt and may be impassable after storms. I’m not sure, but I remember a lot of dust-blown miles. Hovenweep National Monument Hovenweep National Monument. They terraced their land into farmable plots, formed catch basins to hold water run-off, and built check dams to retain the soil that would normally wash off the cliff edges by erosion. Winter temperatures range from highs in the 40's and 50's to lows well below freezing. You can get to Hovenweep's Square Tower Site, where the visitor center is located, via paved roads from either Colorado or Utah. Phone: (970) 562-4282 x5. Location: - The road to Square Tower is paved from Cortez, Colorado, on County Road G (the McElmo Canyon Road), and is also paved on Highway 262 from White Mesa (south of Blanding). There is a paved walkway to a viewpoint, and a well-maintained trail connects many of the ruins. The ancestral Puebloan's masonry is as beautiful as it is complex, and many of the structures are precariously built atop rock outcroppings, still standing after almost 700 years. Turn Left onto Road BB, and take it for 6 miles until you make a left onto CO County Road 10. Wall faces were dimpled with a pecking stone to resemble flatness. The road to Pleasant View from Square Tower leads to Hovenweep's outlying units in Colorado; however, it is dirt and gravel, and may be impassable following rain or snow. There are trails to access ruins from the visitor center. Last updated: February 11, 2019. The name alone—Hovenweep— sounded intriguing. The road to Pleasant View from Square Tower leads to Hovenweep… Take this road 4 miles to another right turn. Apparently it’s been paved since that edition. These caches would have held dried crops of corn, beans and squash for later use. The road to Hovenweep is PAVED but you won't find a map anywhere that will show it paved. My 4th edition (rev.) A moderately strenuous trail follows the canyon rim and offers excellent views of every structure. There … National Park Service U.S. Department … FAQ; Site Index; Español; Search . Most ruins are on the canyon rims and are generally not well preserved, but their appeal is augmented by the desolate surroundings, All year, though snow is present in winter, Coronavirus update (September 10th): Roads, trails and the campground at Hovenweep National Monument are open; only the visitor center remains closed. Monument visitors had long used this unsigned road to reach Painted Hand Pueblo, about a mile off the paved highway and just beyond the Schultz property. I remember the long road through arid landscape of sage and juniper. Many theories have been offered as to the use of the buildings at Hovenweep. Structures at other locations in the region, even the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde, rarely exhibit such careful construction and attention to architectural detail. It’s well worth the three hours needed for this side trip and overlook tour. If you’re not familiar with Hovenweep . The least complicated way to reach Hovenweep is to drive 20 miles north from Cortez on U.S. 491 to Pleasant View, turn west on County Road BB, and five miles later turn southeast on County Road 10. On a whim, we drove down a very sketchy, often un paved, google maps directed road, and happily ended up here. Mailing Address: McElmo Route Cortez, CO 81321 . Coursing was incidental to the use of rectangular faced stones. Multiple sites and trails. So, after about an hour here, we drove about 20 minutes, on paved and non-paved roads to the Painted Hand Ruins. The majority of the standing prehistoric structures at the monument were constructed in the early to mid-1200's. ... First time to Hovenweep, amazing! Just north of Blanding, S.R.262, Hovenweep Road heads east to the unique collection of ancestral pueblo ruins—including the mushroom house built into a spire—at Hovenweep National Monument. These people continued to use the mesa for centuries, following the seasonal weather patterns. Most likely it was not just one factor but a combination of many which caused the ancestral Puebloans to decide to leave their elaborate homes. Gorgeous trail, amazing ruins. Do not use GPS to find your way. The masonry found in the Hovenweep area is very distinctive and shows considerable skill in construction techniques. Closest accommodations are in Bluff or Blanding. Then we continued on down the road to see the Painted Hand Pueblo, built in the AD 1200s, it was a small village of about 20 rooms that still include faint rock paintings, and we were able to find one of the faint hand paintings.We saw a sign to Cutthroat Castle Ruins, it was a four-wheel drive road, and well worth the drive to some fantastic ruins, part of the Hovenweep … The road in is Paved.Hovenweep National Monument is open year-round.There are 30 or more campsites at this location … All roads into the outlying units are dirt and gravel and are not maintained; high-clearance vehicles are recommended for visiting these sites. Mud mortar was sometimes used, with the intent of closing voids between stones. Durango, Colorado 81301 The standing architecture typical of the area was built about 800 years ago by ancestors of today's Puebloan people. Storage caches along the canyon rims still exist and can be spotted by the discerning eye. Signs identify the turnoff. A Paved Path to the Overlook We started out on a paved path, about a half mile long, surrounded by pinion trees, with sweeping vistas dominated by the Sleeping Ute Mountain in the distance. Spalls were also used to fill in spaces between stones after the walls were constructed. The paved route to the south is longer, but takes only twenty-nine minutes. We checked what little brochure information we had. Four miles into Utah, take a right (sign for Hovenweep). From the visitor center to the canyon rim is paved, and the trail after that is well maintained. The road is paved from Aneth while it is a combination of a dirt and gravel road coming from Colorado. While we do not know the uses of some buildings, we do know that the people who built them were successful farmers. Land surrounding Hovenweep belongs to the Navajo Nation, Bureau of Land Management, State of Utah, and private landowners. Hovenweep is most generally associated with the Pueblo II/Pueblo III transition (A.D. 900-1300). Contact Us. This road will take you past the entrance to the Square Towers Unit of the National Monument, where the Visitor's Center is located; all this is still in Utah. Roads may become impassible following incliment weather. Bluff Great House might be further, but it’s not 100% clear its “Great Kiva” is big … Some are square, some D-shaped, some round, some measuring nearly four stories tall. Some say hostile neighbors forced them out. Easy hike, beautiful morning, low eighties with a strong breeze. Drive east on the Hovenweep Road for about 24 miles to the monument. PARK ROUTE INVENTORY 2 - 1 3. Fall and spring temperatures are milder, with highs in the 70's and 80's. Table of Contents 4 - 1 4 - 2 4 - 4 - SECTION PAGE NO. All the main access roads are paved, meaning your Honda sedan will do just fine.

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